Feb 1-15, 2011: The Florida Dressage Experience Program is underway

At the first of each month we tend to gain a new set of Florida Dressage Experience participants and some new horses. Elton has had a new set of Participants to teach Long lining to and he has really taken to the job. All the folks like him and Rich Kusy Stable owner says with a huge grin “Elton” doesn’t have a mean bone in his body! “. Participants new to Long lining are assigned first to Elton as he is quiet, uncomplicated and a confidence builder. As their skills increase they are assigned to the more advanced horses that are larger, stronger and require more skill. Under saddle for me Elton has begun turns on the forehand and more transitions in all gaits. His ride time has not increased but he is starting geometric figures in the arena such as diagonal change and turns at the trot across the arena at E-B. A typical ride goes like this… mount, walk around arena once .. medium walk frame and contact. Trot transition and diagonal change with canter depart in corner at end of diagonal. Canter down long side and short side and walk. Pat. Walk diagonal in medium walk, trot on short side, go around complete arena 2 times. Walk. 2 to 4 turns on forehand walking around short sides between the turns. Lots of pat s for new work. Trot again taking the other canter lead ( using voice to tell him canter to help with canter depart aid recognition). in the corner and doing a 20 meter circle in center of ring. Trot and then walk. Lots of pats. Dismount in new area of ring constantly. Reach down and ask him for belly lifts immediately upon dismountin

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