Day 87-91 : 90 day wonder

Dressage Clinics Florida Dressage Experience Program participants Kristi Haines from Massachusetts and Natasha Nelson from Maine both have an interest in training young horses. On alternating days they begin to lunge or long line Elton. At first I am right with them and giving him confidence but by the end of the week either can tack him and take him to the arena to begin by themselves. Both riders were eager to feel his supple gaits. Early in the week Natasha rode him for his 5 minute ride (she had already ridden him once in Maine). He had a moment of lost of confidence and did a small shy. It was the first we had experienced under saddle. Later in the week Kristi who has backed he own horse Karl rode him too. His confidence with different people was better by then.he was very good. She said she really liked his gaits and how amazingly straight and elastic he felt. It was a perfect opportunity to teach all the participants of the program that most young horses are generally not bad to start with ( straightness etc.). A good many problems and imbalances are caused by the first riders in a horses life. “If you don’t break it you won’t have to fix it!” my Dad always said!

Basically we now have a 90 day wonder! Elton has been worked 90 days. If you have been watching and counting this occurred in a 5 1/2 month time frame. He has progressed quickly and easily. Most youngsters have more issues that this. He has been exceptional!

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