January 2014-Eltons

Mark attempted to fly home to Maine last Thursday but got to the airport and found his connecting flight cancelled and was told he could not fly out until Sunday.  I was happy to have this company a day or two more of course, and he installed a sound system for the school that will help us with teaching throughout the day and music when we are working on freestyle development.  Elton John TL who will not be six until the end of June went out to the new Palm Beach International Equestrian show grounds and tried out third level test one Saturday. He was “calm as a cucumber” as my mom who of said. I was thrilled that he was steady and attentive, never shied or looked at anything and worked steadily despite the fact that he has been in very few shows. His test was mistake free and he garnered a blue ribbon and a saddle pad.  The judge awarded him a 63% with the comment “that he should be more uphill and engaged”. This will develop with time and strength. Thanks to husband Mark and assistant Erika for grooming!







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